Successful Riders.  Happy Horses.


Founded in 2011 and located at the prestigous Portola Valley Training Center in Menlo Park, we offer an alternative barn setting to the usual lesson-factory or

full-time, a-circuit only show barn.  Our clients are English hunt seat riders of all levels who feel that practicing good horsemanship and enjoying 

time at the barn are just as important as developing their riding skills.  


Vintage Lane leads the field in composing customized training and horse care packages for our clients, with a focus on reasonable costs and finding creative solutions for everyone's needs.  We have considerable experience working with older horses and those with soundness issues that require special management,

and have a care team second to none in expertise and great communication.


We cultivate a safe, fun, inclusive and nurturing place for both horses and our riders, with excellent organization and attention to detail.  Our staff are very carefully chosen and trained to be responsible, caring and are positive role models for our junior students.   From showing at rated shows, to attending clinics,

 participating in schooling shows and riding the trails,

Vintage Lane is a unique place to ride in Silicon Valley.  

Trainer Kelley LaFond, her special horse Greta (20 years) and daughter Sofie Grace